Selling Spice Girls lollipops from my locker

Selling Spice Girls lollipops from my locker

I began my first business venture during the summer of 1998.

The Spice Girls had just visited Australia to promote their movie Spice World and Spice Mania was at an all time high. To capitalise on the hysteria that had taken over my Year 8 classmates, I began buying boxes of Spice Girls branded Fantasy Ball lollipops in bulk.

Setting up shop in the Year 8 locker room, I sold them to my classmates with a 100% markup. Each lollipop came with a Spice Girls sticker – there were 24 in total – ensuring repeat business as classmates attempted to collect the whole set.

This venture was considered a major success.

MLC's Year 8 Locker Room
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