Jillian Michaels: Social Media, Content & Digital Marketing Strategy

Jillian Michaels: Social Media, Content & Digital Marketing Strategy

I was engaged by Live Nation Australia & New Zealand to create and execute strategic social media, content and digital marketing plans for Jillian Michaels’ Australian Maximise Your Life tour.

While Australians were aware of Jillian’s role on The Biggest Loser, many associated her brand with the ‘world’s toughest trainer’ moniker and not her broader brand which also encompasses health and wellness. To help overcome this I planned a targeted marketing strategy which would educate health and wellness advocates and lovers as to what they could expect from Jillian’s tour.

Elements of this strategy were utilised across all touch points of the campaign, with executions including a standalone website with extensive information about the live show, a tagline on all advertising materials, an eight-part video series created in collaboration with Jillian Michaels, posts across each of her social channels and a series of images that leveraged some of Jillian’s most motivational moments and quotes, ensuring the focus remained on Jillian as an all-encompassing health professional and expert, rather than just a trainer.

The video series was rolled out in regular intervals, starting two months out from the tour. In each video Jillian spoke about the basis of her tour and some of the topics that would be covered, then shared a challenge with ticket holders and fans to complete each week, to help them best prepare for her show. The videos received over 3 million views in the lead up to the tour.

In addition to the spoken word performance, each ticket holder was also invited to take part in an exclusive Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ workout, offering unrivalled value and access to her fans.

Week one of Jillian’s tour challenges:

Jillian Michaels announces her Australian tour:

Jillian Michaels explains her Maximise Your Life tour:

Motivational quote from Jillian Michaels:
JIllian Michaels - motivational quote

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED workouts announced:
BODYSHRED work out

Jillian Michaels trains fans at her BODYSHRED™ workout in Melbourne:
Bodyshred in Melbourne

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